The Medical System is Broken But There Is An Answer! 

Third parties are making the rules.  The insurers and hospitals and the government all want to get rid of doctors. It’s that simple.  And doctors are feeling this pressure.  They are burning out.  They are quitting.  Physicians are turning into robodocs who rarely look at their patients while they click away on their computer.   Doctors have lost control over the healthcare system, how they treat patients and their lives.

Direct Primary Care is Hope

There is a way to put the right people back in charge – the doctors.  Walking away from being paid by insurance companies is critical.  Removing the shackles from being a hospital employed physician is crucial.  Let Dr. Farrago tell you and your audience how it can be done because he has done it.


Don’t Hire An Administrator to Talk to Your Group!

Most medical speakers are just that, professional speakers.  They “consult” but have not gotten their hands dirty in years. They are boring, bought out by a third party or just plain lousy.    Look around the web all you want for a truly experienced doctor to entertain and inspire your audience and you will find, well, almost no one.  Dr. Douglas Farrago has been a practicing family doctor for 20 years.  He was a prisoner of two different hospitals systems and hated almost every second of it.  Now he is on is own doing Direct Primary Care and he has found the job of being a doctor again.  He is the author of the #1 DPC book on the market. He also has been blogging about the lost art of being a doctor for over a decade.    You, too, can get that joy back.  Dr. Farrago teaches you how.

See Dr. Farrago’s Full Keynote Lecture at the Second Annual Doctors For Patient Care Foundation Conference (Octobor 2017)

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  • Douglas Farrago MD is the author of the #1 book in direct primary care called The Official Guide to Starting Your Own Direct Primary Care Practice.  This model of healthcare has caught fire around the country with an average of one clinic starting each day.  Patients are clamoring for the affordable but enhanced and personalized healthcare without the interference of insurance companies and Dr. Farrago is one of the most popular speakers on the topic.
  • Dr. Farrago is the founder of the Forest Direct Primary Care in Virginia where he has left the regular insurance model and only bills patients an affordable monthly membership fee.
  • Dr. Farrago, the physician behind AUTHENTIC MEDICINE and founder of the Placebo Journal will not only entertain your audiences with tons of laughs but also share strategies on how to deal with change in the healthcare system and how to survive the turmoil ahead.
  • Dr. Farrago has risen to national prominence in the publishing world by providing a humorous outlet for physicians while fighting back against the medical axis of evil (pharma, lawyers, insurance, PBMs, and a whole lot more).  He has been featured in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the U.S. News and World Report, the Associated Press and more!
  • He has been giving powerful and life-changing keynote and seminar presentations to businesses nationwide over the past decade. He engages, entertains, challenges and creates a memorable experience that will inspire all.

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