Here is some feedback from recent talks given by Dr. Farrago:


Thanks for coming over to speak to us yesterday. Lots of conversation following your presentation. I’d look for several residents to visit your practice.

Richard Stowers MD, Lynchburg Family Medicine Residency

Dr. Farrago,

Thank you again for being a part of Blessing Hospital’s Doctors’ Day celebration. I’ve heard many positive comments about the event, and about your presentation. I think everyone had a lot of fun.

Kelly Wilson
, Communications Specialist
Public Relations and Communications
, Blessing Hospital, Quincy, IL

Dr. Farrago
I appreciate your efforts and admire your talent, you definitely have a gift for the art of medicine and humor.


Patsye Stanley RHIT CAISS CSTR

Dr. Farrago, Thank you for making me spit coffee out from laughing on this rainy monday morning.

Entertaining but also alot of truth with a well delivered message. Well done.

Laugh about the Christmas cards, but it happened at my hospital, too. We can no longer have any Christmas decorations “because they are a fire hazard according to JCAH (four letter word)” I am in anesthesiology and have practiced for 30 years. I am now judged on my anesthetic care by how much ink is plastered on the anesthesia record. Nowhere is there any interest in how the patients did following the surgery. It’s all about the record. I could go on but I’m out of space. Keep it up, DF

Dr Farrago, AKA The King of Medicine, speakuth the truth! This is a superb presentation with vital information for all healthcare providers.  AND he’s really funny!
Mike Cyra, Author of Emergency Laughter

I love Placebo Journal, and like you, bemoan many of the “quality” / P4P standards that have been forced on us. Perhaps your forum is a start at spreading the message… Enjoy, and keep up the good work. If nothing else, you’re a well valued relief valve to the stresses of the day.
Rich Dudrak II MD

Tell Doug his talk (the physician speaker one) on youtube was AWESOME!!!! So glad someone is saying it like it is with the “quality” and “meaningful use” crap It is like “The Emperor’s New Clothes”!!! Keep up the good work. You keep me sane.Kindest regards,
Kathleen A. Hallinan, MD